Tang system skirt Spring/summer models


Step back in time to the great capital of the Southern Song Dynasty: HangZhou! This historically accurate set of clothes is called QiYao RuQun 齐腰襦裙/齊腰襦裙 and was the most popular style among women during 12th century China. This set, called QiYao RuQun 齐腰襦裙/齊腰襦裙, was the most popular style for ladies during 12th century China.

All the kits you have after purchase:

-MoXiong 抹胸 (antique tank top)

-QiXiongQun 齐胸群(skirt)

-PiBo 披帛×2 (Long strips of saros)

-JianDai 肩带 (Shoulder straps)

-JianDai 透明肩带 (Transparent shoulder straps).

The fabric is relatively soft and is recommended for hand washing

Please refer to the size chart in the photo. Measure yourself in centimeters.

*Cleaning Information*

Wash carefully by hand to avoid damage to embroidery, jewelry or buttons. Please air dry your clothes on a hanger. Hand washing and air drying can also extend the life of Hanfu. When ironing, use the lowest heat setting or steam off wrinkles.

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Yellow top + red skirt, Yellow top + white skirt, Blue top + white skirt, Blue top + red skirt


S, M, L, XL

2 reviews for Tang system skirt Spring/summer models

  1. Аделина

    Качество изготовления очень хорошее, когда я впервые попробовал ханьфу, я был немного в растерянности, такой красивый, такой счастливый

  2. Elodie

    Such beautiful clothes, feel like a fairy in the crowd, I would like to recommend this site to my friends

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