S925 Sterling silver Butterfly earrings


Why does silver turn yellow and black
People with high sulfur content of human sweat glands sebum can basically be all black in a day Oh, although silver is a precious metal, but the chemical properties are not as stable as gold, especially sulfur, especially easy to react with silver, forming silver sulfide on the surface of silver jewelry, causing silver to become yellow and black.
There is also excessive sweating, or try to avoid contact with cosmetics and toiletries, such as toiletries, cosmetics, skin care products, perfume, go to the beach, hot springs, etc.
(Wear silver jewelry, clean your skin as much as possible and wear it to prevent exposure to other allergens)



Butterfly earhooks: The hanging ear line is one long and one short
Long approx. 4.8cm short approx. 3 .6cm
Butterfly wings are long and short
Length approx. 3cm Short approx. 2.1cm
Total weight of stud earrings: 1.9g
(Manual measurement may have errors, please refer to the actual product)

The silver jewelry in our store is all S925 silver (if you have not worn S925 silver before, the allergy is still particularly serious, want to try, do not rule out that a few people will be allergic to S925 silver!)
Do not bathe or wash your hair while wearing it, and do not pull too hard
Do not touch perfume, hot springs and sea water
Do not touch cosmetics
Do not touch sulfur soap
Do not touch chemicals


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