Hanfu Tang dress chest skirt

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This is the Han dress made in the Tang Dynasty, which is breast-length and skirt. The Tang Dynasty faced the world with a confident and dignified attitude, so clothing also reflects these two personalities. The full-chested skirt not only shows the slender posture of women, but also shows that the whole person has an atmosphere!



First of all, let’s talk about the Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty can be said to be the most liberal era in Chinese history. Because of the open customs and strong tolerance to the United States at that time, it was more distinctive than other dynasties in terms of clothes. For example, many little fairies first started with a “chest-length skirt,” which was made by the Tang Dynasty.
The Han dress made in the Tang Dynasty follows the meticulous dress of the Zhou Dynasty, the elegant dress of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, and the bright dress of the Han Dynasty, etc. On the basis of these, the unique grace and magnificence and various gorgeous makeup have created a beautiful and moving picture of the Tang Dynasty, which makes the Han dress made in the Tang Dynasty particularly popular.
In addition to matching the chest and Ru skirt, the Han dress in the Tang Dynasty also includes Hu dress, which refers to the costumes of foreign nationalities other than the Han dress. In the Song Dynasty, Hu dress was relatively rejected, but in the Tang Dynasty, Hu dress was very popular. In addition, the round collar robe and the cross collar and Ru skirt were also characteristics of the Han dress in the Tang Dynasty.


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