Hanfu Song costume

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The shape of Han dress made in Song Dynasty includes clothes, deep clothes, robes, Ru skirts and Ru hakama, etc. Han dress is the embodiment of “the country with the crown of clothes”, “the state of etiquette” and “Jinxiu China”. It bears the outstanding crafts and aesthetics of Han nationality, such as dyeing, weaving and embroidery, and inherits more than 30 Chinese intangible cultural heritage and protected Chinese arts and crafts. The full name of the Hanfu is the traditional costume of the Han nationality, also known as the crown of the Han Dynasty, the Chinese costume, and the Hanfu costume. From the accession of the Yellow Emperor to the middle of the 17th century (the end of the Ming and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty), the main residential areas of the Han nationality were based on the “Huaxa-Han” culture as the background and leading ideology. Centered on the Chinese etiquette culture, it has a unique style and character of the Han nationality through natural evolution, which is obviously different from the traditional costume and accessory system of other nationalities.



The shape of the Song Hanfu is as follows:
1. Song Pants. Song Pants is one of the few pantsuits in the Hanfu of all shapes or lifting systems. Compared with the skirt suit, the pantsuit should be more convenient, and there is no need to worry about the problem of wearing out. Most of the Song pants we see now are improved, and the style will be more everyday and more in line with modern aesthetics.
2. Zi, Zi, Zi in the Song Dynasty, the position of the shirt is equivalent to the position of the jacket in our daily life, Song made Zi is mainly divided into two kinds of long and short, they can also be paired, fold together old Fu.
3. Multiple skirts. When it comes to the Batie skirt, its style is very similar to the Ming dress, except that the horse dress has two skirt doors, while the Song Batie has only one skirt door, and other positions are very delicate and dense pleats.
4. Big sleeves, “Zhu Zi Jiali” once mentioned big sleeves, now women’s short shirts and wide, its length to the knee, the length of the sleeves one foot two inches, the style of big sleeves actually inherited the Tang Dynasty wide clothes big features.
The big sleeves of the Song Dynasty were also used as the dress of royal women, and then they were introduced to the folk and became the dress of noble women. Therefore, women with low status could not wear this dress because of the restriction of the hierarchical system at that time.
5. Song Mo, Song Mo is similar to the suspenders we wear now. It is a corset in ancient times, shaped like a long wide scarf, with no ties on both sides. In ancient times, silk and cloth are mostly used as fabrics.


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