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Tuan fan, a thing immersed in the bones of China

Tuan fan, also known as palace fan and yun fan, is a round fan with a handle, which is a traditional Chinese handicraft and artwork.

It was recorded in the Han Dynasty’s “Tuan Fan Fu”: “Cut the Hehuan fan, and the reunion is like a bright moon.” In and out of Jun’s sleeves, shake the breeze. From this, we learned that the tuan fan was originally called the acacia fan, because it was mainly round, and was used to wish the newlyweds and men and women happiness.

Later, it slowly extended to the expectation of the family, with the meaning of reunion and family joy.

History of the development of Tuanfan

The earliest fans appeared in Shang, made of colorful pheasant feathers, called “barrier fans”. The fan is not used to fan the wind for cooling, but as a shade for the sun and wind and sand when the emperor goes out on inspection. After the Western Han Dynasty, fans for cooling appeared one after another, and fans were also introduced from the emperor to the homes of ordinary people.During the Song and Yuan dynasties, fans were mostly made of luo or silk, and only one side was used for painting or calligraphy. Men switched to folding fans, and group fans became the standard for elegant women at this time.During the Ming and Qing dynasties, two-sided silk, yarn, luo, aya, etc. were raised, and colored surfaces such as porcelain blue, mud gold, and lake color were added, and painting, silk, embroidery, appliqué, yarn drawing, etc. were used as artistic processing.

Su fan process

In 2006, the art of fan making was listed by the State Council as one of the first intangible cultural heritage protection lists.

Suzhou tuan fans can be seen in a large number of large-scale costume TV series, such as the silk tuan fan held by the mother in the palace of Ruyi Chuanli before, and the cloud-breaking fan in the peach blossom of Sansheng III Shili…

At the same time, the tuanfan is also the darling of the fashion industry, and the silk tuanfan of Liu Wen and other famous models is from a famous craftsman in Suzhou.

The production process of the Tuan Tuan fan is very complicated, from fan shape conception, drawing and drawing, fan bone selection, polishing, polishing, baking frame, hemming, etc., there are as many as 27 types.

Among them, grilling frames, hemming and decoration are the most difficult.

Silk, embroidery and other processes make the fan more colorful and the picture more delicate and realistic. The white and plain tulle fan is elegant and elegant, and the slight pattern has a little more artistic conception of literati painting. Coupled with the tassel fan pendant, the whole group fan is elegant and natural.


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