Hanfu Research Institute

The story of the establishment of the Hanfu Research Institute
Hanfu Research Institute was established in 2022,The following is the story of the establishment of Hanfu Research Institute, I hope you can listen to my story!

Starting in 2021

At that time, I saw a report that "wearing Hanfu is considered 'Korean, Japanese'". Netizens posted their tragic experiences of wearing Hanfu: "Sister, you still have a pillow on your back", "This is Hanbok", "After many years of reform and opening up, feudal superstition has been on the streets", "Are you filming" and other such ridiculous words.As a Chinese, I can't help but feel a little sad that not only is China's traditional Hanfu about to be forgotten and lost, but also that people have all kinds of doubts about the behavior of wearing Hanfu.
I personally believe that it is caused by Chinese neglect of traditional culture. Some people will say that we Han people have gradually lost our culture since the Manchu Qing Dynasty; Some people also say that the Han culture has gradually been dominated by Western culture in the decades of reform and opening up, and has lost its own unique charm. Today, young people are gradually paying attention to this Hanfu culture, hoping that Han culture will not be too Westernized like other countries, which is a rebuttal to excessive Westernization and blind pursuit of fashion.
I once witnessed a Hanfu parade during my tour. In the middle of the sun-drenched square, about 500 people dressed in traditional costumes perform traditional Chinese rituals, lined up in a neat line, ignoring the many people watching the excitement around them. I can't say how handsome or beautiful they are, but the Han clothes worn on them seem to be tall, as if the mission of inheriting Han culture falls on them - and it is. Some people will say that the Hanfu parade is actually a show—and there is some truth to this statement. But if this is not done and more people see such excellent traditional Chinese culture, the classical connotation of the Han nation may disappear. What we need to do is to make more people pay attention to Hanfu culture.
I know that Hanfu is a culture, but also a heritage. It has played a particularly important role in the inheritance of the national spirit, and such a thing that can condense the national spirit cannot be allowed to disappear in the long river of history. Now, with the participation of more and more young people, this ancient tradition of feelings is quietly reviving. Similar to Hanfu culture Ancient style cultural circle, people who like ancient style and Hanfu people are almost young people, ancient style culture is not simply "ancient" and modern people's modern aesthetics in it, ancient style with the love of young people gradually spread, derived into a culture, but also Chinese a re-analysis and understanding of culture, both in line with modernity, but also without losing tradition.
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